Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Coming at You Live From My Couch.

Good lord, friends, where has the time gone today?!

Every time I sat down to write my post, I got so busy with something else, that it is already 6:35 pm, and I am just finally get 5 minutes to write this and say hello :)

So you know, HELLO!

I'm currently sitting on my couch, with Halloweentown on TV and eating Cheetos as my dinner. All of this is totally acceptable, right?! #AllAboardTheStruggleBusRaiseYourHand

That e-Card pretty much sums me up this evening, so I'm going to save you all the headache of my rantings and ravings and just come back tomorrow when I'm more alive and focused. Capiche? Cool.

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!! x

Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekending: Or As I Call It, My Excuse for Being Lazy & Totally OK With It.

Can someone, like anyone at all, explain to me how in the world weekends fly by so freakin' quickly while every other day seems to take about 100 years to get through? I mean, if you can, I'll happily bake you cookies & brownies and all the yummy things my kitchen could handle.

Luckily, this weekend was brilliantly full of...absolutely nothing! Haha. Amir has been extremely busy with work lately and with our weekends in Manila dwindling down, he was itching to get out for a scuba diving adventure and some good ole R&R! Since I'm not able to dive, I brought along my study material, a good book and enjoyed the nice views.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Favorites: Fall Nail Polish Colors I'm Obsessed With!

I've always been a dark color kinda gal. I'm a big freakin' fan of the black / gray / burgundy palette and if you ask Amir, he will always make fun of how I gravitate towards dark colors for my wardrobe too! 

It shouldn't come as a surprise then that I absolutely love when fall comes around because all the bright, crazy colors of the summer go through a switch as I move into the darker choices for not only my clothes, but my nails. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stuff & Things: Currently.

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>> I like to make air popped popcorn on the stove, so after majorly craving it all day, I decided I would make some. So I did and here I was throwing a little bit of salt over the top of it when I ended up burning my arm....WITH THE FREAKING LID. #OnlyMeYall

>> I was getting so tired of the pop-up comments window on my blog that I finally figured out how to install Disqus and made the switch! Yay me! Now you guys can all leave comments with ease!