Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites :: A Bit of This & A Bit of That

Happy Friday, friends! This week has been a crazy blur. Between house stuff, studying, and kind of being in a rut, I'm glad it's almost the weekend. I'm definitely in need of a clean slate and a new week to get back into the swing of things! 

But before the weekend kicks in, I'm joining the lovely Amanda to share some of my Friday favorites :) 

I'd like to thank my favorite gush for getting me addicted to...Drop Dead Diva. Yep. Go ahead, get your chuckle in here, and then get your butt to Netflix and start watching it yourself. It's such a fun, cute, easy show to get into. I love it. I'm obsessed with it. You'll thank me soon enough! 

I have been a reading machine lately and have read quite a few really good books. One of my favorites over the last few weeks was Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty! It's a mystery(ish) book with a lot of backstory. Definitely worth a read! And if you've never read anything by Liane Moriarty before, you really, really should. Her books are always some of my favorites.

You guys, it's no secret that I'm like a little 5 year old when it comes to food. Give me pancakes, French toast, mac & cheese, burgers, milkshakes, etc and I am a happy camper. So it should obviously come as no surprise that my favorite snack these days has been green apples + peanut butter. Oh my nom. 

A while ago, I bought the Amanda Adams Bikini Body program. I started it up, then ended up stopping due to a bunch of things happening at once. BUT, I am back into the program - six weeks in, to be exact - and I love it! The workouts are intense, my muscles are on fire and I have already started to notice some changes. My legs are leaner and meaner and my the bootay is getting more firm. I've also incorporated some PIYO lately and I'm really enjoying that too! 

A few months back, I changed my iPhone over to the Samsung Galaxy S5...and I love it. LOVE it. But being a gal who lives overseas while my whole family is on the iPhone really screwed me over. Haha. I need me some FaceTime and some iMessages like ASAP. 

And so, hubby dearest got me the iPhone 6 (by "got me," I mean I ordered it and waited til he spotted it on the credit card statement, LOL!) The only problem? I have to wait a month to get it because it's being brought over here by a friend's momma!

Who else has the iPhone 6?! Raise your hand, give me your thoughts :)

On that note, I'm off to enjoy the weekend! Be sure to link up your favorites, friends!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Stinky Encounter

I don't know about y'all, but I have a severe adverse reaction to stinky things. Stinky foods (cheese might be my only exception here), stinky clothes, stinky people - just the thought of all that makes me cringe.

That being said, let me tell you about my wonderful little night at the gym the other day.

Set Scene: I walk into the gym with my gear, head over to the Smith machine, fix it up and proceed to beast my way through 4 sets of 10 heavy squats (thanks Amanda Adams!). While I'm working on my third set, I see this fella come up close to the machine and hover. A few seconds later, I was on my rest time, so I thought I'd check to make sure he didn't need the machine and to ensure him I would be done within a few minutes.

I walked the 2 steps over to him and just as I opened my mouth to speak, my nose was hit with the worst smelling BO I have EVER smelled. I mean, I almost threw up in my mouth a little bit. Obviously I couldn't just walk away just as I was about to ask him a question, so I quickly said what I need to and hustled far away. 

You'd think that would be the end of it, right?! Nope. That would just be too easy. 

(Let me just say, this is not some huge gym we're talking about. It's an apartment gym, so it's reasonably sized, but you can see anyone/everyone from all corners.)

Homeboy proceeds to set up his arm workout station and you guys...the stench. There was an invisible ring around the man because no one wanted to be near him. Yuck, yuck, yuck. After enduring the 30 minutes of disgusting smells from said homeboy, he finally left the gym. I wish I would've had my little spray bottle of perfume so I could've walked around spraying the place down. 

Lesson Learned: Hire the women from the mall who spray perfume samples and ask them to spray down people as they enter the gym. Done & done. 

Here's the thing, if you're like me, I don't normally shower right before I go in for a workout. BUT, the one thing I never forget to do is put on deodorant. It's sanitary and it keeps me smelling decent and really, I don't want to subject anyone to Stinky Myra anyways. 

Part of me wants to draw up a big sign that says "PUT ON DEODORANT OR DON'T COME IN" and stick it on the gym door, but I don't know how well that would go over with the Administration!! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gettin' My Groove Back

Anyone out there? 

It's sure been a while since I've popped my head back into blog world, but hey, it is what it is, right? Life happens, we get busy, priorities change. 
That was me for a few months. I needed to step away from blogging, focus on my life, get some studying done and really, more than anything, I just needed to get my groove back.

Blogging had changed from something I really enjoyed doing to something I felt like I had to do...and let's be honest, that just wasn't fun anymore. 

So I walked away. And it was great. 

But now, I want to come back. Not all the time, ya know? Just here and there when I feel like it. When I have funny (or even not so funny) things to share. Or if I want to tell you about all the stupid and ridiculous things I've done recently. 

SO, after all that being said...
Hello :)

Now, let me tell y'all about one of the stupidest things I've done recently. Beware, you're probably going to cover your mouth, gasp and immediately ask yourself the same question I've been asking myself, "WHAT THE HECK WAS SHE THINKING?!"

Which, of course, is linked to my blog. 
Biggest derp moment of mah life, y'all. 

If you scroll through my blog, you'll see all those beautiful grey & white boxes showing no pictures where pictures should be, but alas, they are not. Uggghhh. I'm such a genius. 

Any ideas on how to fix this mess? Anyone?! I'll love you forever and eat pumpkin bread in your honor if you help me! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Vodka and Soda
I just will never get bored with looking at his face. Ever.

+ I confess: I have this really amazing, gushy BFF named Joey. Y'all might know her as the author of the blog Hodges Podges. Ring a bell? Well...said friend is now not only an author in blog land, but A PUBLISHED AUTHOR ON AMAZON!!!! 

Yep, that's right! My fabulous & extremely talented friend has released her debut novel, Yeah, Maybe, on Kindle & the Kindle App.

Jo, I am so beyond proud of you, friendly! You are a rockstar. Love you! 

Now, to the rest of you. Go get your copies...hurry, hurry, hurry! 

+ I confess: I've been kinda sickly the last couple days. It stinks and I'm over it. 

+ I confess: I'm re-watching Gossip Girl. I really want to see if I can place how GG turned out to be who it was throughout the seasons. Yes, I am such a nice person that even though the show ended over a year ago, I'm not going to ruin anyone's life by telling you who GG is. You're welcome.

+ I confess: Amir & I are headed back to Houston in a couple of weeks and I'm pretty excited about it. We haven't done the long trip back home together since last August!! Every time one of us has gone home, the other comes separately due to scheduling. So, needless to say, I'm excited to have my travel buddy with me. 

+ I confess: I have nothing else to say, so Happy Wednesday, folks. Here's a picture of a dog. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Day in My Life [via GIFs]

It's Monday. And rainy. And I'm sleepy. And food/water deprived. Which leads me to have a mushy brain. And so, today  I will show you how my day (during Ramadan) goes via GIFs. You're welcome.

+ 3:30 AM: Breakfast time. Remember, it's Ramadan. We eat before sunrise. 

+ 4:18 AM: Realizing I forgot to eat my last bite of food/drink my water before I had to stop eating.

+ 7:30 AM: Waking back up & taking Kobi out for his morning walk. (Also See: I'm crazy because I could still be sleeping)

+ 7:45 AM - Noon: Repeating mantras to make it true -- No, I am not hungry. I don't need food right now. Cookies? Who needs those?

+ Noon: NAP-TIME. You know, all that mental discussion takes a lot of work.

+ 1 PM - 5 PM: Starbucks run! Haha, just kidding. That's just asking for unnecessary pain & sadness. Instead, time for a book. Or a Netflix marathon. Or maybe I'll cook. Maybe. Decisions, decisions.

+ 5 PM: Debate with myself on going to the gym. Usually the gym wins because it takes up time and brings me one step closer to dinnnneerrrr time. 


And then after dinner everything else is a blur. We wash up, say our prayers and like grandparents are in bed no later than 9:30 - 10 pm. Maybe I'll be more productive after Ramadan is over. Only about a week left!

And now, I will take my mushy brain and go read myself into oblivion. Bye, friends! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Remember how a couple months ago I went completely nuts and was all "Hey guys, I want to chop off all of my hair into a teeny tiny bob"? Yeah, well my crazy won out and I did it.

At the end of the cut, I had chopped off 9 inches (I could've gone an inch or so shorter, but I didn't at the time) and sent that donation over to Children With Hair Loss. If you're considering chopping your mop, I would highly suggest this organization. They allow color treated hair and you only need a minimum of 8 inches to donate! They also provide hair pieces to children at ZERO cost, which is what completely sold me on giving my donation to them.

Now, because of my short hair, I obviously need trims more often. And if you follow my Pinterest, you're probably aware that I am still hyperactively pinning all the super fun and cute short hairstyles on the daily.  So today, I thought I'd share my top favorite short hairstyles.

[WARNING: If you were debating on cutting your hair already, be warned...these pictures may have you running to your nearest hairstylist before you're even done reading this post!]

I've noticed that I definitely tend to gravitate towards a shoulder length cut that has long layers in the back to break up the monotony. Back in 2011(ish) I had the cut where the back was extremely stacked and although I really liked that look, I enjoy the fullness of this bob more. It's also so much easier to get that tousled // "I woke up like this" look we all love so much! Lol.

Agh, I love all the styles. I know they don't look a whole lot different, but I loveeee the short hairs. At least it's on point with this years trend, right?!

Next up: Adding in some bangs and then I think I'll be quite content...haha, who am I kidding?! 

Are you a short hair or long hair gal?! How do you feel about the new "bob" trend?! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Confesh Sesh

Okay, stepping away from the blog world was fine & all that, but I totally missed one of my favorite link-ups EVER.

So today, I'm back to linking up with the ever fabulous, Kat, for Humpday Confessions. Y'all ready for this? [cue NBA music here...]

Vodka and Soda 
[Oh haiiii, Ian Somerhalder ;)]

+ I confess: Typhoon Glenda made touchdown today in Manila and I sat around in my room watching all the crazy unfold. I love the rain, but man did the wind do some serious damage to the landscaping of our apartment complex. Be sure to send prayers for all those who are living in the provinces and who might still be battling this insane weather.

+ I confess: Ramadan is so much harder to handle when you're home and don't have a job to go to. I MEAN WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DOOOOOOO ALL DAY?! Can't eat nothing, can't drink nothing...I guess I'll just continue staring at the ceilings.

+ I confess: I bought a new workout program from Amanda Adams. I am so super pumped about getting into it. It's been hard with Ramadan, so once things are back on a normal schedule, my gym-ratness shall continue.

+ I confess: I have been on a book reading frenzy lately. If you need a recommendation, just go look at my Goodreads list. (P.S. you can follow me on GR via the buttons on the right!)

What confessions do y'all have today?! Be sure to go link-up!
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