Friday Favorites.

YAY Friday! We made it through another grueling week at the Aslam household, haha. Things are looking like they are on the up & up though, thank goodness, so I am spending most of my weekend resting, relaxing, and reveling in the fact that there isn't much for me to have to do :) Is it just me or do you love having weekends with very little in the way of plans?

This picture cracks me up so much. 

Current Obsessions: The Dainty Jewelry Edition.

Happy Thursday, friends! I feel like this week has been the longest, slowest week of my life.

Amir hasn't been feeling well, Sofia is still refusing to sleep at night, and me -- I'm just over here looking [and subsequently, feeling] like a hot mess. Real life though, am I right?!

Luckily, there has been so much good stuff going on [minus the super gloom & doom weather today, lol], so all the crazy is being balanced out with all the happy! It's always nice when things work out that way.

To keep up with all the happy things, time for a little catch-up on my current obsessions! Whaddaya say; shall we?

We Found Our Bliss!

Oh friends, oh friends -- I am so excited to share what's been happening over here lately!

If you follow me on Instagram (@thelittleaslam), you'll have seen that my sweet blogger friend-turned virtual BFF, Joey, and I have launched our very own business. That's right, Bliss Creative Services, is up and ready to rock n' roll!

Doing It For Me.

Is it just me or was this week super fast and super slow all at the same time?!

With Sofia still struggling through her sleep regression, me trying to find my groove with a new business that is about to kick off (stay tuned...lots of new info on this coming soon!), and Amir being super swamped at work, things have been -- needless to say -- insane around the Aslam household lately. 

And because of all the craziness, I've been in a slump. Other than making it to the gym, I was spending my time battling Sofia and still trying to maintain my sanity WHILE keeping things afloat at home -- and at the end of the day, I was exhausted, feeling unproductive, and more than once, ended up tearful over how I was feeling useless.

On Wednesday, I had just about had it. 

We had spent three hours at the hospital for a scan for Sofia (thank God all is good!) when it should've been an in & out situation, the house looked like a tornado ripped through it, and me, well I was so behind on the things I wanted to be working on. 

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