Monday, April 14, 2014

Things That Make Me Stabby.

You know how sometimes people do things that make you want to give them a good ole throat punch and/or some other really evil gesture? I feel like I've been coming across such people more and more lately.

And since I'm such a kind hearted person, I figured it would be a good idea to let y'all know what things drive me absolutely bat-sh*t crazy.

-- People who ruin shows for me.
ARE YOU KIDDING?! Please for the sake of all things holy, stop with all the show spoilers people. Thanks to multiple over-sharing folks, I now know what happens at the end of HIMYM (which I am only on season 4, so thank you suckers for ruining that for me), I have had multiple Scandal and Grey's Anatomy episodes ruined and I'm just warning y'all, if anyone ruins The Vampire Diaries for me, I will fly to wherever you are and throat punch you personally.

-- People who talk/chew/play on their phones during movies at the theater.
If you are at a movie, just go ahead and shut up as soon as the previews start, okay? Put that popcorn/nacho/any other crunchy & loud thing in your mouth and wait until the crunchy-factor is dead before you swallow the stupid piece. I realllllly don't want to hear you chewing and smacking through what should be a 120 minutes of peace.

In addition to that, if you absolutely feel that you must play Candy Crush while IN the theater....GO OUTSIDE. And don't bother coming back. Cool? Awesome.

-- Shady people who don't respond to text messages. 
Here's the thing, if I see that you're on Facebook all day, or continually updating Twitter and/or Instagram, I am automatically going to assume that you are checking your phone pretty often. And if we're all being honest here, most of us are on our phones even if we aren't doing one of those things. Whether it's because we're talking on the phone, chatting with friends in GroupMe (btw, if you're on there, find me! I love group chats. Lol.) or just browsing the internet, our phones are usually nearby.

Therefore, suffice it to say, if I text you 0.02 seconds after you posted something to Instagram and you don't respond to me for like 6 hours, I'm judging you. And in my book, you are a shady human.

-- Constant complainers of blog world.
Just stop it, people. If all you ever have to say about blog world is how annoying people are, how frustrated you are with so&so and how blog people are so fake, how about you just go ahead and leave. No one is forcing you to stick around. So instead of taking up space on the interwebs with all your moans & groans, do yourself & everyone a favor by parting ways with the blogosphere.

To help you out, here's *NSYNC making it a little better for you.

-- The showoffs.
If you can afford a pair of $150 sandals and a pair of $300 jeans, I'm really glad for you. Honestly. But in my world, do you KNOW how many Target trips I could make with that same $450?! Ain't no shame in my game.

Do any of these make you feel a little extra stabby? Or am I just crazy?! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Friday Five.

Hallelujah, it's FRIDAY.
This week has been a mess and I am just plain over it. So to keep it short & sweet today, here are my top five for the week!

I missed two days of runs this week. It wasn't actually something I wanted to happen, but with all the other things I had going on this week, I just didn't find the time to fit in my four mile runs. I did, however, get in a few good Tone It Up videos. In fact, I might even do a couple of them later today just so I can have an active rest day. Normally I would sit and beat myself up over missing days in my training schedule, but I won't. Tomorrow I'll do my six miler and next week, I'll get back on track.

I'm sorry Channing, I'll make it up to you. 

I'm still doing a good job of keeping up with my daily green monster smoothies. A few things I've noticed over the last 10 days:
 -- I really crave a smoothie every day. 
 -- The best way for me to stay constant is to buy a bunch of fruit and pre-cut it. I usually throw a few different kinds of fruit into a big bowl and freeze it so that I have it easily available whenever I'm ready to have my smoothie.
 -- These smoothies have really helped control my cravings for sweets and unnecessary snacking! I find myself being full longer and having enough energy without eating everything in sight. 
 -- Maybe a little TMI, but it has also really helped my digestive system. Haha. I feel better and not so bloated all the time, which is a major win for me. 
Fruit of choice for this week: bananas, pineapples, mangoes (these were fresh fruits that I chopped up) and then I bought frozen strawberries and peaches also.

Next Wednesday, Amir & I are off on another adventure to...Thailand! I am so so excited. I haven't had a chance to do a lot of research yet, but apparently we can take a day trip to an elephant sanctuary (hello, I just really want an epic baby elephant selfie) and go bamboo rafting!

I can't waaiiittt! 

I'm not a massive perfume wearer, but my signature scent for the last few years was always Juicy Couture. I know, sounds nutty, but really, I love their perfume. I've gone through two bottles of their original scent and when I received a sample of their Viva La Juicy last year, I held onto it so I could get that next.

While Amir was home, he scored me a big bottle of the Viva La Juicy and I am in heaven! It smells like candy mixed with a light floral scent and is an absolutely perfect complement to the weather here. If you're in the market for a new scent, I suggest you check it out!

This past week, Chris Martin from Coldplay was on The Voice. Basically, I was in rockstar heaven. Adam Levine AND Chris Martin in one show. Yes, please. Mmmm mmm mmm mmm mm.  

Excuse me while I go watch reruns of their gorgeousness together.

How was your week, friends?
*Also, shameless question - does anyone want to guest post for me next week?! I would love to have you while I'm out gallivanting with the elephants in Thailand :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Confessions...On a Thursday {Oops!}

You guys. I completely forgot yesterday was Wednesday.
And therefore, I missed Humpday Confessions with Kathy.
But, since it's still Wednesday night in the States, I'll go ahead and pretend like I'm still on track here.

+ I am over bloggers with their constant sponsored blog posts. Yes, I know, it helps bring in some income and that is amazing (because really, money is great), but about some product? Yeah, over it.

+ The best thing about working/studying at home...

+ I'm a little sad about spending 1.5 months away from Amir (and Kobi!) while I'm back in Houston. I feel like it's hard enough to do the long distance thing for any amount of time while living in the same country, but throw an ocean in the middle and make the time difference 14 hours & it's just rough. It's a good thing Texas has good food since I'll probably be eating my feelings...

+ When I go for a run and someone stops right in front of my face, I sometimes want to just run right into them. Giving #RoadRage a whole new meaning over here.

And since I now have to run out to go pick up the pup from his doggy day-care, I'll save you from having to read any more of my crazy confessions. Until next time, friends! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The No Good Very Bad Day.

You know when you wake up and think, 'wow I'm going to have such a good day today!' and then everything goes to hell? Yeah. Welcome to my Tuesday.

I am about 2.5 seconds away from throat punching random people and/or going back to bed and demanding a re-do.

Feel free to roll your eyes at me while I complain about my no-good-very-bad-day/morning.

++ Our maid (aka: helper lady) who is supposed to come on Tuesdays & Thursdays has recently (read: for the last month or so) decided that she will wait until the VERY last second of the morning to send me text messages with lame-sauce reasons for why she will not come for the day. Today's reason: There is heavy traffic.
ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT MEOW?! We live in frickin' Manila. Of course there is heavy traffic. This is not news.
So then, I sent her a text message basically said 'I'm breaking up with you.' 

++ Because of that flaky text message & then the subsequent break-up, I then had to skip my morning workout and instead clean the whole house. Not my idea of a fun Tuesday morning.

++ And then because I didn't start cleaning my house until 9:30 am (because you know, helper lady HAD to wait until the last minute to tell me she wasn't coming), my studying got pushed back until this afternoon. And I have like 200 questions to get through today. And I still have to read for our scuba diving class this weekend.

++ Which speaking of scuba diving class...I have read all of 40 pages in this 300 page book. Our exam and confined dives are on Sunday. God help me.

++ I'm running out of groceries, so guess who needs to go buy the essentials later today? Oh yes. This girl.

++ Also, I have to purchase said groceries and then carry them back in the extremely disgusting heat all the way back to my apartment. I swear - it is a blessing and curse to live so close to Market Market. On one hand, I can get there really quickly, on the other, if I don't buy a truckload of stuff, I'll be hauling my bags home on foot.

Since it's 11:35 am right now, I'm going to go ahead and send up some prayers to the Big Man to puh-lease turn this day around yet. If you're listening Big Guy...I love you a lot so please, can you do me a solid here?! 'Kay, thanks. <3

And yes, I did indeed just complain like a spoiled little brat about groceries, cleaning and studying. It is what it is. #SorryNotSorry
Feel free to leave your no-good-very-bad complaints in the comments & together we can all have ourselves a little pity party.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday & The Nail Files.

About a month ago, I decided it was time to really start focusing on my fitness. Not just the yo-yo thing where I'm in it for one week and out the next, but instead to really make it a habit. Because I am a goal oriented person, I needed to find something that would help me get into and stay on track with my workouts. Enter: the Hal Higdon Novice I Training Program.

I can proudly say, I have officially made it (almost) to the end of week 4 in my half-marathon training & I am loving it. I can feel myself getting itchy for a run on days that I am not running & I like that lacing up my shoes and getting on the track or the treadmill are becoming a habit for me. The other thing that I really have been enjoying about this program is that it gives me days for cross-training so I'm not killing my legs and leaving the rest of my body out. 

A few of you have asked what my workouts for the week look like, so here's a little sample:

Week    Monday              Tuesday     Wednesday          Thursday       Friday     Saturday   Sunday
4Stretch & strengthen3.5 m run2 m run or cross3.5 m run + strengthRest40 min cross5 m run
On the days where I get to do cross or strength training, I usually opt for a Tone It Up video. If you've never tried them, you should! I normally take my iPad to the gym, pull up one of their videos and run through it. And the next day...I'm usually sore as heck, haha! 

I have an obsession with the color mint. If I could just up and paint my room mint right now (with gold polka dots) I probably would. Since that seems a little extreme, I settled for having mint nails instead.

I think the color is called Mint Julep. It's a Jessica Geleration polish and I love it! 

 photo newbutton_zps284b4cd7.jpg

I need a new show to watch.
Remember my obsession with Veronica Mars? Yeah, I zoomed through all of those seasons (I stayed up tip midnight on multiple nights watching that freaking show! Who am I?!) I loved it. I'm already sad it's over. 


The weather in Manila is crazy. It has been so freaking hot lately that I truly don't know what to do with myself at times. My hair is perpetually up in a bun or in braids & I will not leave my house unless it's evening time or I absolutely have to. 

Wanna know what else isn't enjoying all this crazy weather changing crap? My skin. It's broken out all of a sudden and I hate it! I've heard from a lot of people that in order to keep your skin clear and healthy here, you really need to moisturize (and drink a lot of water). Since Hubs was traveling back to the US this past week, I asked him to bring me back Olay Regenerist day and night cream which is supposed to be amazing. I'll let y'all know what I think of it soon! 

Has anyone else tried it? Do you love it or hate it?

I joined in on the Green Smoothie Challenge with the gals over at Simple Green Smoothies this week and I am loving it! It's a 30-day challenge where you are supposed to drink at least one green smoothie a day. So far, so good for me. 

I've pre-cut a bunch of mangos, bananas and pineapples and frozen them for easy use. I've been mixing 1.5-2 cups of the fruit mix with 1 cup of spinach and 1 cup of water and having that as my smoothie for the last couple of days. It's yummy and super nourishing! I mainly have my smoothie mid-day as a snack and it keeps me from snacking on a bunch of junk around the house. 

If you're interested in joining along, click the link above and get on it! 


Happy Friday, love bugs!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Guess What Day It Is...


And with every good and wonderful Wednesday comes...

Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmm mmm mm.

So this week, here's what I've got for you.

++ I have obsessively been watching Veronica Mars. Yes, I understand I'm like 10 years late to the party or whatever, but I don't care. I love me some VM. I'm also pretty sure I know where Season 3 is headed with Veronica's love life & I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. 
Yes, I am that invested. Whatever.

++ I kinda sorta a little teeny bit like having the house all to myself. Mainly because I only have to clean up after myself. And since I'm already pretty OCD, there's not that much to clean. Hallelujah.

++ If you've gotten like 400 email notifications lately about comments I've left on posts that you've written months ago, I'm sorry. I have been happily stalking all of you who I just started following. I've also decided we are all BFF's now. 

++ I hopped on the Green Smoothie Challenge train. Which obviously means that I absolutely expect to see the number on the weighing scale go down immediately after I work out and drink my drank. 

++ Student loans are the devil. Sallie Mae, I hate your stinkin' guts. Like, so much. 

Annnnnnd that's all she wrote, folks! (Let's be honest, I need to get off this thing so I can continue binge watching my girl crush, Veronica Mars.)

I hope y'all are having a great week so far! Go link up with the lovely Kathy and confess all your dirty secrets! :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easy Peasy Summer Time Hair!

If the 90+ degree weather in Manila is any indication to what is coming over the few months of summer, I might as well go ahead and shave my head now. OR, I could hold the dramatics and try to find some simple and easy ways to get my hair up off my neck and still look cute. And well, since I've spent about a year growing this mop out, I think I'll save my Britney-esque antics for another time.

Oh Britney. I'm so glad you're sane again. 

Speaking of my mop, when I went to have my hair touched up the other day, the lady at the salon blew dry my hair straight. After 10 minutes of yanking my hair around, she showed me the end result and I was honestly a little shocked. I know my hair has gotten long, but since I don't own a straightener here (and since I also very rarely FIX my hair due to the 90+ degree weather), I hadn't realized how much it had grown out. 

Yeah, um hello there long hair.

But I digress.
Normally, when the summer rolls around, I'm at the salon chopping my hair off into the easiest little bob I possibly can. So this year, I decided to hold onto my long hair and figure out different ways to wear it so that I can survive the summer. 

Here's my roundup of the few styles I think I will be using quite often! 

1. Half French Braid Bun: I tried this style out last night & fell in love. It took me 5 minutes to pull together and with the little bun at the end, you can wear this casually or as a sleeked up, sophisticated up-do. You can also do the half French braid and put the rest of your hair in a ponytail if you wanted! Either way, it's up off your neck & voila, no sweaty mess plastered to your face!

The tutorial for this lovely style can be found HERE! I noticed it got easier as I started telling myself when to go over and under strands. It can get confusing trying to braid backwards on yourself, lol.
 2. Instead of listing all of these out, I'll just tell you to go back and visit the same site I posted above. { -> click on hair tutorials}
Ashley from The Shine Project has some SUPER cute and easy to do hairstyles that you can really master after a couple of tries. I've done the Chinese Staircase Braid and the side French braid & I loved them. I'm going to keep working through her stuff and see how much of it I can do! Remember, I'm a novice at the hair thing, so if I can do it, you can too! 

3. The Three Twist Ponytail
This one was really easy also. Here's a step by step on what to do.

This was my recreated attempt:

I've got a few other styles that I've found recently and still want to try out! Be sure you're following me on Instagram if you want to see what I'm up to!

Do you guys want to keep seeing these DIY posts along with my recreations?!
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